Plastic Facts - Information, Benefits and Negative Effects

Plastic Balls

Plastic products have managed to spread across the world in small amount of time, enabling tremendous expansion of our civilization, industry and productivity. Here you can familiarize itself with facts about plastics and its numerous benefits and negative effects.

Facts about Plastic

Over the last 150 years plastic products have managed to become an integral part of the modern lifestyle, industry and science. Here you can find out some of the most important facts of plastic.

Benefits of Plastic

Plastic have many benefits that enabled it to become one of the most popular building blocks of the modern human society. Here you can learn more about plastic and reasons why it become so popular.

Disadvantages of Plastic

Even though plastic products have undeniable positive effect on our lives and industry, it still has several disadvantages. Those disadvantages can range from lack of durability in certain uses, chemical risks, and environmental harm to potential choking hazards.