Plastic Invention - Inventors of Plastic

Inventors of plastic are without a doubt persons who will always remain remembered in the history of our civilization. Their efforts enabled incredible expansion of industry and caused drastic changes in the way we live and work. Here are their life stories.

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Who Invented Plastic?

Plastic products that we use today were created by countless chemists from all around the world, but the initial discoveries can be traced to several innovators who built a basis for modern day plastic industry. This is the story about them.

Alexander Parkes

Alexander Parkes is today rembered as father of plastic and first man who showcased to the world the wonders of this innovative material. Here you can find out more about his life, work and the way he invented plastic.

Leo Baekeland

Leo Baekeland

Leo Baekeland reinvented the modern world by creating first fully synthetic plastic compound that swept across the world and enabled the formation of the modern plastic industry. Here you can learn more about his life, work and the way he invented his highly influential plastic product called Bakelite.

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