Plastic History - Origin of Plastic

Over the last 150 years, plastic products have managed to revolutionize our science, automobile industry, aerospace, transport, and medicine, enabling us to produce items of countless shapes, sizes and features. History of such influential product can be found on these pages.

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History of Plastic

History of plastic spans the period of last 150 years, a time in which modern human civilization experienced unprecedented expansion of technology and science that enabled us to create modern way of life we have today.

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History of Plastic Recycling

With all of its numerous benefits, plastic have several disadvantages which have forced governments all around the world to tackle the problem of plastic waste. The most popular solution was of course, recycling. Find more about this worldwide initiative here.

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Timeline of Plastic

First plastic appeared over 150 years, and after that moment it was steadily upgraded, refined and molded into the most popular building material of modern human civilization. Find out more about the most important events in plastic history in this rich timeline!

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